Types Of Regenerative Medicine Techniques

Types Of Regenerative Medicine Techniques

16th December 2020 Off By Efrain Sherman

Every day, we use hundreds of our body functions. From sensing the environment to regulating the body temperature, our body is a complicated thing. When one of the body functions is not working accurately, it can cause a lot of disturbance. In the case of sports injuries, tendons or ligaments can get damaged. A person may lose his eyesight due to some degenerative disease. To solve all these problems, scientists are using a new technique called regenerative medicine. The clinics are using four techniques of regenerative medicine commonly.

Therapy using stem cells

It is the most used technique that can treat even advanced level diseases. Most of the regenerative medicine LA clinics use this method. The human body contains stem cells that can produce different types of body cells. The therapist will insert some stem cells in your body at the tissue damage site so the stem cells convert themselves into normal body tissue. Your body function will restore after the use of stem cell therapy.

Therapy using platelet-rich plasma

It is another way of using regenerative medicine therapy. The therapist will take the blood of the person who is having the problem. The clinic staff will centrifuge the blood to separate the platelets. The therapist will insert the platelet-rich solution at the site of the damage. After the platelets reach this site, the body will start the repair process. The accumulation of the platelets means that there is damage in the body. It is a way of telling the body that the tissue needs repair at a specific site.


It is another way of telling your body that a specific body function needs repair. The therapist will use a solution of sugar and water. He will inject this solution at the site of damage to irritate the nearby tissues. All the tissues will send the signal to the body that a repair is needed here. The body will start its repair mechanism after that.

Fat cells therapy

The regenerative medicine LA clinics use this technique when there is a need for soft tissue repair. The therapist will take some cells from your fat tissues. The team will process the fat tissues and remove the fatty acids and triglycerides from them. The clinical staff can inject these cells at this site of damage. The fat cells will use their normal functions to fill the space at the soft tissue damage.