How To Select A Reputable Urologist

How To Select A Reputable Urologist

25th January 2021 Off By Efrain Sherman

If you’re currently in the process of searching for a reputable, experienced urologist, it’s well worth following the handy tips which are listed below in order to select a urologist who you can trust.

Visit your local doctor for a referral:

If you’re unsure of how to go about selecting an experienced, urologist in your area you can ask your primary physician to provide you with a referral. As your doctor will know of a few reputable urologists in your area who they will be happy to refer you to. Furthermore, if you have medical insurance, your contract may also require you to seek a referral from your primary physician.

Search Google Maps for nearby clinics:

One key consideration which you should make when selecting a urologist is the location of their office. As it’s far more convenient to get to last-minute appointments if your chosen urologist is located close to your home or place of work. To find a urologist which is located within a few miles of your home or office, simply search Google Maps for local urology clinics.

Search for reviews from previous clients:

Once you have a shortlist of possible urologists, you should search for Yelp reviews and Google reviews that have been left from previous clients of each urology clinic. Just make sure to filter your searches for reviews for recent reviews to gain an accurate picture of the level of service which you can expect from each urologist and clinic.

Choose a urologist who is board-certified:

To ensure that you receive the best possible health care, it’s well worth checking the American Board of Medical Specialities’ online directory for a comprehensive list of board-certified urologists in your area. As not all urologists are board-certified, so it’s important to see if your shortlisted urologists are board-certified, before you make your final decision. One way to find certified urologists is to visit

Speak to your friends, family members, and colleagues:

It’s a smart idea to ask your friends, family members, and colleagues for recommendations. As your friends will be able to give you recommendations based on their own personal experiences. As well as being able to recommend urologists, your friends may also be able to help you steer clear of urologists with who they had negative experiences.

So if you’re currently searching for a new urologist or your first urologist, it’s well worth using the tips listed above in order to choose a well qualified, experienced urologist.