Day: July 14, 2020

How You Can Find A-Affordable Cremation Process That Works

Cremation is a method that is increasing and people are now choosing it over burial, the rate of cremations in 2018 was 53,1 and that number is predicted to go up to 55,1% for 2020 according to the CANA organization. The reason is simple: Cremation is more affordable, is environmentally friendly, and it is easier to handle. If you or a loved are considering planning a cremation service, it is crucial that you know how it works. Here is a guide on how the cremation service works step-by-step in a qualified company such as Cortner Chapel.

How The Cremation Service Works

Cremation is a method that consists of reducing a body at high temperature only there is nothing left except for ashes. It is done in a specially designed furnace known as a cremation retort or chamber and all the process takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the body weight, the type of container in which the body will be placed, and the type of cremation chamber. The cremation process consists of five steps:

Identifying the Body

The identification regulations are different according to the state, but in places like Cortner Chapel it usually involves a family member confirming the identity of the body, then an ID tag is placed on the body and will be with it for the entire process and be placed again with the ashes for the final verification.

Preparation of the Body

The body will be cleaned and dressed prior identification, unlike in burial, the body isn’t embalmed unless you request it or have a public viewing. Things like jewelry, medical devices, prosthetics, or anything that contains batteries are removed to prevent any reaction during the process.


The body is placed into the retort or cremation chamber and it is reduced at high temperatures until there are only ashes left, a cooling period is required to handle the remains.

Inspection of the remains

The ashes are inspected to remove any metal remnants, this can be done by hand or using a strong magnet, then a special processor will grind the remains.

Transferring the Remains

The ashes are put into a plastic bag and it will be placed into a container or urn that the family or the company provides and will be returned to the family.

Choosing between burial and cremation is a hard choice for you and your loved ones. After reading this article you will have more knowledge and be capable of deciding which one is the right for your circumstances.… Read the rest

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