Day: June 10, 2019

How to Ship Your Car From One State to Another

If you’ve ever been intrigued by how long-distance vehicle transportation works or are interested in the process because you may soon need such services, here’s a look at what it entails. In particular, we’ll be peeking behind the curtains of long-time car shipper Unlimited Auto Trans to get the lowdown:

1)  Step 1: Getting a Quote

As with any service-oriented business, the first step begins with a quote. Most shippers will offer this capability online with the total amount of payment hinging on whether you’d like an open or enclosed option, door to door or terminal delivery, among other factors or complimentary services. For those who don’t have such a platform, which is rarely the case, you get estimates via agents through calls and walk-ins. 

2)  Step 2: Booking

The next step right after the “quote” stage is scheduling, with most companies typically offering this option on the same online platform preceding the estimation. On the online booking page, you get to reserve your spot as well as set the date and the manner of the pickup as you see fit.

3)  Step 3: Carrier Assignment

Once you’re through filling out the relevant details, the shipping company now takes it from here. It’ll offer you revised timelines of delivery or pick updates if your desired schedule is unattainable and will serve up a confirmation of the desired route of travel among other essential details for the trip.

4)  Step 4: Vehicle Pickup

The pickup location will also be set beforehand according to your preferences. If you won’t be available at the date when the vehicle transportation company will be making the pickup, you can make arrangements ahead of time to have someone stand-in for you. During the process, you (or the designated representative) and the driver of the company legally affirm the condition of the vehicle by signing a bill of lading document. 

5)  Step 5: Delivery and inspection

After you’ve given the green light on the car condition, the car is now fit for transport to a predetermined location, and you’ll get a heads-up notification to make plans for the meeting. When the vehicle is in transit, an automated tracking system allows you to keep tabs on the progress of the shipping. Alternatively and in the absence of such a system, the shipper provides real-time updates via text messages or calls. At the arrival location and in your presence, a thorough inspection is performed to ensure the car is in the same condition evidenced in the document signed above. 

There you have it, the typical car shipping procedure in a nutshell. Look to Unlimited Auto Trans if you require such services or would like find out more about the process from a seasoned professional’s point of view.… Read the rest

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